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Brooklyn Appliance Repair Specialist provides superior service for TOP BRAND REFRIGERATORS. No matter how old your Sub-Zero refrigerator is, it can always be fixed. Our company has all needed parts so we can come and put your refrigerator in working condition the same day. We understand that it is very important to receive professional repair service on time. Our Sub-Zero specialists are ready to help you solve any problem and maintain ideal temperature at 35F for your fresh food compartment and 0F for your freezer. 
​We usually stock up with a lot of food during the holiday seasons. In most cases, cost of losses from spoiled food can be dramatic. Milk is the first product in the fridge that will be spoiled in just a matter of couple hours and can indicate that something is wrong with the cooling system. For freezer first indication of improper working condition will be soft ice cream or ice built up on walls and bottom of the freezer. If you have any of these problems call us at 718-412-1956. Every TOP BRAND refrigerator has a built-in ice maker machine. Ice maker is separate automatic system that works independently inside a freezer compartment. Unfortunately, many technicians make misdiagnoses and replace unneeded expensive parts just because their appliance repair company does not provide proper training and troubleshooting classes.

​With Brooklyn Appliance Repair Specialist, you will never go wrong. We do quality control of the appliances after repair is over. Technician will provide full diagnostic of the unit to make sure that all components are working properly. When refrigerator stops working, it is very important to get service as soon as possible, especially, when Freon leaks or cooling system of the compressor goes out of order. Early repair and maintenance can prevent compressor from breakage and save money for you.